Info on Lock Security for Windows & Doors, Lock Replacement & Lock Repair throughout London, UK

This is a guide to give you information about the minimum level of security you should consider to protect your premises.

Statistics prove that by taking quite simple precautions you can deter a would be intruder, the majority of whom are opportunistic. It is of course necessary to take extra precautions to keep out the professional burglar but remember that security buys you time, something the intruder does not have. The list below will help you to identify any steps you may need to take to protect your premises and your personal property.

Main entrance door – This should have a 5 lever mortice deadlock or cylinder mortice lock conforming to British Standard BS3621 and a rim cylinder night latch.

Other external doors – Should be fitted with either a 5 lever BS3621 mortice lock or mortice lock with top and bottom mortice security bolts.

Windows – Windows on the ground floor are vulnerable to forced entry, especially at the rear of the premises. These should be fitted with key operated window locks. You should also fitting a lock to any window that can be easily reached via a roof or drain pipe.

Double French doors & patio doors – Should be fitted with top and bottom mortice security bolts and a mortice lock in the centre if possible.

Outbuildings & Garages – usually contain garden equipment etc that could help an intruder to force entry to your premises, you should secure these by fitting a suitable 5 lever mortice lock or good quality padlocks.

Help you decide – Worrall’s has professional locksmiths in the London area that can visit your premises and assist you in identifying any additional security products you may require, we can then provide you with a detailed quotation. This is a completely free and with no obligation service.

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