Key Cutting from G Worralls: Locksmiths, Door Lock Repair & Replacement throughout London, UK

At Worrall’s we can provide you with the complete key cutting service. All our keys are cut by professional locksmiths to a very high standard. We can arrange a key collection and delivery service within the London Area, City and West End to save our customers time.

These are some of the many types of keys we can cut:

Office doors keysSafe keysKeys to code Restricted keys
Worrall’s Registered keysHigh security keys Cabinet keysDesk keys
Master keysMortice keysCylinder keysChubb keys
Union keysYale keysIngersoll keysMultilock keys
Era keys Evva keysAssa keysLegge keys
Grundman keysGege keys

We can cut most desk/cabinet keys to code with our computerised key cutting machine.

Those keys that cannot be cut to code may be able to be ordered direct from the manufacturer.

Worralls has it own high security key system that makes it virtually impossible for anyone to duplicate the keys without your knowledge, while at the same time providing your home or business with physical protection from picking or drilling. We can also use these registered keys to supply you a Master Key System enabling you to control different rooms with different levels of security access.

  • Keys for office door locks, safes, cabinets, desks, etc.
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